Delicaslim® CELLU

Anti-cellulite Gel
  • Do you have localized orange skin?
  • Do you want to improve the firmness of your muscles, buttocks and abdomen?
  • Are you looking for a natural product in order to fight against your cellulitis?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions we recommend Máyla® Pharmaceuticals Delicaslim® CELLU, an anti-cellulite with 5% pure caffeine in synergy with other natural ingredients tested in 50 women for 30 days with amazing results.

  • Delicaslim® CELLU is a product that is especially indicated for women that want to reduce orange skin while bringing firmness to the treated zone.
  • It eliminates and blocks the additional growth of adipocytes.
  • It tones and firms up muscles, buttocks and abdomen due to the regeneration of skin cells.
  • It accelerates the consumption of fat, improves micro-circulation in the skin and around adipocytes, notably reducing orange skin.

Thighs and legs: Before applying the gel gently massage the zone with closed fists.

Then, apply Delicaslim® CELLU in circular motions, spreading it out well all over the area.


Abdomen: Apply Delicaslim® CELLU counter-clockwise in circular motions all over the area.


Arms: Always slide your hand upward, spreading the product out well.


  • Delicaslim® CELLU is an anti-cellulitis gel that has been clinically tested in 50 women
  • After being applied for 30 days, very significant data was detected insofar as its effectiveness.
  • It makes you reduce up to 4.2 cm (2 sizes) in 15 days.
  • Visible results in more than half of the women who have tried it.
  • 70% of users consider that it significantly improves the firmness and brings greater elasticity to the skin.
  • Great drainage capacity.
  • It softens muscles and abdomen and improves orange skin.
  • It reduces swollenness and retention of liquids in the zones of application.
  • 5% pure caffeine: It has a lypolitic effect, that is to say, it mobilizes the fat of the adipose tissue.
  • Apple branch extract: It inhibits the excessive accumulation of fat in the interior of the adipocytes.
  • Ivy extract: Beautifies the skin and provides firmness and elasticity. In addition it has a drainage effect.
  • Sichuan pepper: It controls the reappearance of possible fat nodules.
  • Cecropia bark: It activates an enzyme (ATGL) that in turn activates the degradation of fats.
  • Oak bark extract: Strengthens the walls of blood vessels-improving micro-circulation.
  • Horse chestnut extract: activates blood micro-circulation, facilitating the elimination of liquids and the reduction of cellulitis.
  • Tocopherol 100%: It has anti-oxidant properties and protects cellular membranes.
  • D Pantenol and pentapeptides 25: Moisturizes the skin.

*Study on anti-cellulitis effectiveness under dermatological control. 03/CEL_023_16-001 performed on 49 women between the ages of 25-60 for 30 days.

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